Insightful blog posts, be they thought pieces for your industry, event reports or discussions on trends or statistics, are worth far more than that single post. There is so much more that can be done with the innate value in each piece to maximise the impact and discoverability, and encourage sharing.

These ten tips will help expand that post across different media, expand your blog’s reach and improve your personal standing as a knowledge leader or go-to expert:

1. Re-publish the article after it has been indexed by Google

However popular your blog is, there are other sites that you can publish to that will help increase the readership and grow your personal or company brand. Wait until the article has been indexed on Google as the primary source, and then feel free to republish on, LinkedIn or specific business forums within Reddit or other sites that will appeal to your audience.

2. Turn the piece into an infographic

Most articles contain many data points that can be better expressed visually. For this reason, either get a freelancer or your design team to turn the post into an infographic that can be shared widely on social media that will link back to the original post.

3. Create an animated video

Younger generations now turn to video for their information ahead of reading, and even busy executives may prefer to watch a video version as they multitask, rather than focus on a single post. To cater for this audience, you can turn your piece into a script and make it into an animated video for posting on YouTube or other sites, to create another way for people to consume the blog.

4. Turn the content into an Instagram story video

For a quick and easy way to create a visual version of your post, you can use the likes of Storiesads to create a stylish highlights reel. You can make these in minutes, using images and video clips, plus the key points from your post to build a compelling and attractive recap.

5. Record a podcast with the content

Business and creative podcasts attract huge audiences and are ideal for people to listen to on the commute or in the gym, or other times when they can’t read. Record your post, discuss the subject with peers or colleagues, or address comments that appeared on the original post to create an engrossing audio version.

6. Turn your blog into a series of social posts

Breaking down the key points from your post can make them easy for people to consume on social media. These can link to the main post and help provide long tail references and improve interaction and discussion of the post on other forums.

7. Do a talk on the article findings, insights and conclusions

High-value posts can often turn into much more. They can become the subject of your keynote talk at a symposium or business event. Any controversy, discussion or comments can provide fresh insight that can you can use to turn a dry post into a fiery presentation with high audience engagement.

8. Turn the article into an email series that people can signup for

Never forget the value of the email newsletter among all this new media hype. Turning your posts into email deliverables creates sign-ups and adds value to the newsletter, allowing your company or brand to reach a wide audience on a regular basis.

9. Create a checklist

Break down your piece into a checklist of key points or messages and it becomes a new way to view and access the content that can be posted in multiple places.

10. Create an ebook

Once you’ve built up a series of posts, turning them into an ebook is a natural progression. Loaded with extra insight or discussion, it can provide both a source of revenue. Or, if you want to charge for it, it can act as a value-added extra if people sign-up to your newsletter or service to gain access to it.

Whenever you are writing a new post, or if you have a long archive, always consider how you can leverage the content to maximise its value. These are just some ways to do so, but with a little creativity those posts can live forever and achieve much more in new forms.