Who are we? Let’s start with you. We’ve worked with a raft of businesses like yours, all trying to get a foothold in the digital space and build an online brand. The best way to do this is to create compelling content.

Content marketing for small business increases website traffic, improves search engine ranking and accelerates growth. You may think it’s for large firms but building an audience online is for everyone, and we have our own, vetted bank of skilled writers ready to help take your business to the next level.

But we’re not just a copywriting service. We certainly ensure your blog is regularly updated with interesting articles, but we also offer guidance, advice and help to those who need it; a collaborative effort to get the best results. From strategy to planning to final product, we can do it all.


Who are we really?

Tom Sandford

Tom Sandford

Content strategist and founder

Every team needs a sherpa, and Tom is Future Content’s. A digital sherpa if you will. An experienced marketing strategist with an eye for innovation, Tom is also fond of table tennis. How does that help you? Well, if you get bored of talking strategy, he will play you at table tennis.

If your goal is more centred on creating and building an online presence he can do that to. If you want to get to know Tom, he’s a social media floozy, spreading himself across all platforms, get in touch and say hi.

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Stuart Roberts

Stuart Roberts

Managing Editor

Stu is the Managing Editor of Future Content and the man in charge of words. He’s writing these ones right now in third person. He manages our talented team of  writers, allocating your work to the most suitable scribe to get the best, most engaging possible copy for your blog.

As a former journalist for a number of publications, from Chat to MailOnline to that’s Shanghai, he has a wealth of experience, both as a writer and an editor, the perfect candidate to guide your online articles.

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Our Writers

Our Writers

Freelance creative writers

We have a fantastic team of talented, vetted writers ranging from eager graduates to professional copywriters, all looking to build their portfolio. They’ve produced brilliant articles on topics like brominated flame retardants, short sleeved shirts, statistical methodologies and cross-Atlantic joint ventures. The point is, they’re flexible and whatever your business, we can produce great content for you.

We don’t just churn out work, we invest in our writers by giving ongoing advice, information and support. Great writers aren’t a commodity, we believe talent should be rewarded and invested in and we do exactly that.

If you’re reading this as a writer and you’d like to get involved, head to our content writers page.

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A little history

Future Content started life in 2012 as something completely different; a lean startup called AbleGrad. Our founder, Tom, initially saw the opportunity to connect small businesses in need of creative expertise with experience-hungry graduates to provide everything from small pieces of design (logos etc) to blog posts and more. The initial idea was to help build the grads’ portfolios and provide much needed help to small businesses who simply didn’t have the know-how in-house.

As with all lean startups, the business model was fluid and ever-evolving. What started as a one-stop-shop for creative help, slowly began to focus on content; the wide availability of skilled writers, and the emerging business need for great writing was the perfect marriage. Besides, covering the whole gamut of design was too much to take on for a startup business. In the two years since it started, content has become the best way for connecting customers with clients. Essentially, he chose the right path.

After 12 months of managing both new business and the writers, Tom knew he needed help. There was only so much he could do alone. So he reached out to Stuart, a writer and journalist by trade, to manage the editorial side of the business. This allowed him to focus solely on developing relationships and seeking out new business in the knowledge that the writers were in capable hands.

So why the rebrand? Well, it turned out the ‘grad’ part of AbleGrad was a misnomer; most of the writers we were getting on board were already experienced, mid-to-late 20s, and looking for a foot on the ladder for a career change. Also, the word grad is a loaded term. People hear grad, and automatically think amateur and inexperienced which simply wasn’t the case. And finally, there were no shortage of people who thought the company was a disability charity. Essentially, there was a branding issue.

So here we are, Future Content. While AbleGrad worked to give our writers experience, it did exactly the same for us. It allowed us to define our key products, focussed our market niche and allowed us to align our mission; to build tomorrow’s brands and writers. The ethos isn’t far removed from where we started. Want to know what the Future holds? Get in touch.

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