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Have you got time to give your blog the care and attention it needs? With a thousand plates spinning at once, your weekly post is often the first thing to slip when things get on top. Content becomes a chore rather than a pleasure. 

But it is essential. And you know it.

Make no mistake: an on-brand, effective content marketing campaign is no easy feat.

We can help you get your digital marketing strategy ready for lift off.

What you get with the Content Accelerator:

  1. A report of your current content health
  2. A clear roadmap for your content strategy and a 3 month content calendar
  3. Key pieces of content to get you started

Here’s how it works:


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Sophia Ahrel

“You and team impressed us. Great session and got us thinking!”

Sophia Ahrel
Marketing Director, Immerse Learning

Brian Prescott Head shot

“Great feedback from yesterday’s session and the enthusiasm seems to have rubbed off on the team as they’ve sent me a bucketload of stuff to get on with. Tom will henceforth be known as ‘Mr Energy’ and will give us all pep talks when we start to flag… Good man!”

Brian Prescott
Marketing Director, The Marketing Centre


“Just wanted to let you know that we have shed loads of visitors to the site, and all due to you guys! We’ve had 1,750 visitors alone for the page today! That’s awesome. Thanks Future Content”

Louise Hewlett
Sales and Support Manager, Subhub

The details


1. Healthcheck and analysis


To lay the fundamentals for your content strategy, we first need to know where your business is and where it’s going. We do this as follows:

Content Healthcheck

Content marketing touches five fundamental areas of all businesses: its content, website, distribution, audience and brand.

If all five areas are understood and under control, you’ve laid the foundations for creating great content.

The Content Accelerator starts with our team analysing more than 300 touchpoints across each of the five areas. From here, we generate an actionable document that shows the areas your business needs to work on to achieve content paradise.

Please note: the Content Healthcheck is available as a standalone service. For details and pricing, scroll down.

Kick-off workshop

From here, we’ll host a workshop to dig into your business and mission. This is part fact-finding mission, part chance for you to reflect on your own position as a business.

Objective setting and benchmarking

In the workshop and via independent research, we’ll seek to understand where your brand exists relative to your competitors. Looking inwards, we’ll identify the KPIs for your content and the marketing metrics to measure them with.

Audience profiling

It’s the first commandment of content marketing: know thy reader. With your help, we’ll create a set of customer personas to guide your content strategy – a document with massive added value for your sales and other marketing activity.


There are more than a billion webpages out there. How do you stand out? What makes you … you? We’ll develop a brand persona and tone of voice guide that can guide your written comms into the future.


2. Strategy & Set-up


Content marketing is all about execution: here, we’ll take our findings and build an actionable content plan.

Content Strategy

Research done, we’ll use our findings to build a targeted content strategy covering 3 months. At this point, we’ll debrief your team on the content creation process.

Tools of the Trade

Your direction fixed, content creation is the next step. We’ll set up the research, writing and publishing tools that’ll work for your business – always with one eye on efficiency and efficacy.

Editorial Calendar

This is where your content strategy comes to life. According to your needs, we’ll kick off with the topics you need to be publishing about, translated into 10 article ideas and a publishing schedule.


3. Content Creation


This is the exciting bit: we will take your content strategy and put pen to paper, writing compelling content on your behalf, producing key pieces of content to get you started.

Foundation Content

First, we create the case studies, landing pages, FAQ blogs and other pieces of content that are a must-have for all businesses. These valuable articles can be repurposed across your sales and marketing efforts. The best bit? Our efficient editorial process means they require minimal effort or input on your part.

Lead Magnet Content

Content marketing is all about offering value to customers present and future. Publishing your own ebook is the prime example; a powerful lead magnet which puts your brand front-of-mind for customers over and over again. It’s the thing that elevates your content strategy from nice-to-have to essential. It brings leads in. And that’s what we’re all after, right?


You want to know your money is being well spent. From the off, we provide regular, structured reporting on how your content marketing efforts are working, including across social media. In doing so, we’ll shape your content strategy for the future.



Full money-back guarantee

Crafted from years of experience delivering content for businesses, we’re confident our Content Accelerator works for SMEs of all types. If we haven’t hit the targets set out in Stage 1 of the process, we’ll give you your money back.

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Photo credit: Lauri Väin via Flickr