Fighting fit or out of shape? How healthy are your content marketing foundations?

Content Marketing Healthcheck

Is your content marketing fighting fit or does it need an ECG?

For many, it’s the latter.

It’s often difficult to know where to focus before starting your digital marketing push. From social media to lead generation to mailing lists, there’s a lot to think about.

That’s why we’ve devised the Content Healthcheck.

We analyse over 200 touchpoints across the 5 key pillars of effective content marketing – your company, your audience, your content, your website and your distribution. From there you’ll get an honest appraisal of the health of your content marketing foundations.

Not only that, we’ll analyse the results against your key competitors, too.

The Content Healthcheck will save you £1000’s in wasted investment and months of wasted activity. You’ll have a clear set of actions and improvements to increase your chances of digital marketing success.

Here’s how it works:

Great feedback from yesterday’s session and the enthusiasm seems to have rubbed off on the team as they've sent me a bucketload of stuff to get on with. Tom will henceforth be known as "Mr Energy” and will give us all pep talks when we start to flag… Good man!

Brian Prescott

Marketing Director, The Marketing Centre

The foundations of effective content marketing

The Content Healthcheck analyses 5 core elements of your business in detail and scores each one, giving you a clear indication of the health of each.

The final report will highlight the areas most in need of improvement to make the most of your digital marketing.

The 5 elements are:

Your company

Content marketing requires buy in from the board and an engaged team. Do you have the right company culture to make this work. From brand awareness to brand consistency, we’ll look at the strength of your business and its messaging.

Your audience

How well do you know the people you’re trying to sell to? How well do you know your competitors and influencers? We’ll tell you.

Your content

From blogs articles to social to sales materials, we’ll assess the content collateral your company has right now and score it accordingly.

Your website

How hard is your website working for you and where do changes need to be made? Is it built on a scalable CMS? Do you have the correct reporting in place to measure the effectiveness of your activity? We’ll uncover hidden roadblocks and cost structures before it’s too late.

Your distribution

Great content isn’t great unless the right people read it. We’ll look at the key digital distribution channels – social media, SEO, email marketing and PR – and show you where best to pool your resources

The stats alone are interesting, but without context, they’re meaningless. We’ll run the same Healthcheck report on your competitors so you can track your performance against them, too.


The results

Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  • You’ll know if your business is ready to execute an effective content marketing strategy, potentially saving you you £1000’s and months of time
  • Uncover existing assets, hidden costs and barriers to lead generation
  • A roadmap for developing your digital marketing assets
  • A 15-page report covering the 200 touchpoints of content health
  • Comparative stats against your key competitors
  • Clear and honest indications of where to go next with your digital marketing programme.

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Tom Sandford

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