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The only thing that should delay the creation of good quality content is the development of a solid content marketing strategy. Without having a content strategy to work with, creating regular, high-quality content is impossible. If you have no focus to your writing, you may as well shout out of the window at pedestrians.

The detail and depth of the strategy you require depends on the stage your company is at – the needs of a company with little to no web presence are very different to the requirements of a business that has a glut of under-performing content.

That said, there are elements essential to any content strategy:-

  • Turning business goals into KPI’s and actionable metrics
  • Mapping the sales process and customer journey
  • Benchmarking your current performance plus auditing your current content assets
  • In-depth competitor research
  • Developing targeted customer personas
  • Sculpting your company persona and tone of voice
  • Researching social media topics, industry influencers, keyword research

With this work complete we’ll produce an editorial calendar for you. This makes sure that we’re producing the most essential content first, ensures a regular flow of articles and makes the whole process tick.

A useful strategy is one that adapts as you work and gives you a yardstick to measure your activities against. It’s a way of reducing wasted effort and spend. For more information on developing a content marketing strategy simply get in touch or find out how we help you execute your content marketing strategy



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