Referrals are worth their weight in gold: a recommendation from a friend, client or networking group is worth way more than any sales or marketing message. After all, it is more likely that someone will purchase a service or product that they have been told about by someone that they trust and who can verify that they have had a good experience with the company. So how can your content leverage relationships and make your business infinitely referrable?

3 simple strategies for generating referrals

1. Relationship building

This is everything. Listen to your existing clients and prospects. Use your blog to answer questions that frequently crop up from multiple clients and take the time to give them a well thought out answer that they and future clients can refer back to. This will show you care about what they have to say, and that you listen.

Always make sure that you respond to clients in a timely manner, be friendly and professional at all times and if you book a meeting with them make sure you attend. Don’t cancel at the last minute and don’t turn up late. Social niceties go a long way towards building a strong relationship. People notice these things and do take note.

You can read more about how content marketing to keep your existing audience happy here.

2. Use your blog library wisely

If you come across a conversation on social media and have relevant content, don’t be afraid to use it. Social media is great for identifying opportunities to share relevant content, and when done correctly with the right timing can make a great impression. It will showcase you as an expert in your field and is definitive proof to all who follow your various social feeds that you are open to helping clients and prospects.


Keep an eye on your social feeds: Look for opportunities to share your existing content

This can-do attitude will make you the go-to for clients when they need a service in your field of expertise, and will also make it more likely that they will pass on your information to others looking for a similar service.

3. Guest blogging

If you have a client in mind, and they can offer some relevant insight into what you’re trying to do, ask them if they’d be interested in writing a post for you, or indeed if they would agree to be interviewed. Guest blogging and interviews are great for generating referrals. They are mutually beneficial to both parties as they get free outreach to your audience and likewise you get access to theirs when you both share the finished content.


Consider guest blogs: Guest posts are great for generating referrals

It is also great for building up the relationship between you and the client you have invited to participate, as the invitation will show them that you respect the work they do and what they have to say.

Guest posts are also great for building trust with your audience and raising awareness of your brand. It is likely that the client who wrote it will share the blog with their audience (as well as you sharing it with yours, of course), meaning that your reach will increase and the endorsement that is implied by them agreeing to guest will add weight to your reputation.

Build these three simple strategies into your content plan, and work to increase your client referrals. It all comes down to making sure you put the focus on building relationships and being there for your current and prospective clients with relevant, interesting content.

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