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As a content marketing agency which prides itself on quality content and copy, brilliant content writers are our lifeblood.

At Future Content, we’re fighting the good fight against clickbait trash, lazy, bloated prose and unimaginatively written piffle. We pride ourselves on working with fast-growing aspirational brands who understand the importance and power of great writing.

Is it you we’re looking for?

You’ll be a freelance writer with a flexible tone of voice, packed portfolio and an appetite for going the extra mile to make your articles sing.

Our clients are all B2B, and predominantly creative agencies and technology firms. Experience writing in these areas is welcome, as is an understanding of the basics of marketing.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger or a music journo, Future Content probably won’t be a good fit for you. There’s no space for superficial opinion pieces, flowery flights of fancy or lazy listicles. We get deep, we get technical but we also get interesting.

If you love getting under the skin of a diverse range of businesses and can adopt new tones of voice with confidence, we want to hear from you. Right now.

Get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, we’ll send a test brief, conduct an interview and get you on the road.


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Further Reading

Meet some writers

Sam Fraser

Sam Fraser

Sadly, Sam is no longer with us. He went and got a job as a writer, thanks in part to Future Content. Here’s his story.

Jon Garrad

Jon Garrad

Jon has been a valuable member of Future Content for many years, both as a writer and now editor. Read his story here.

Chris Cahill

Chris Cahill

Chris has been writing for us since August 2013. Read his case study

Emily Knight

Emily Knight

A specialist food writer, Emily’s been writing for us since June 2014. Read her case study

Wanna write with us?

“There will doubtless come a time when I have to stop working for Future Content, and that thought saddens me. At least I’ll leave with a body of work under my belt – work I can actually admit to having done, which is a new one for me – and a plethora of fascinating facts about augmented reality, workplace training and the Inverness rental market.

“You can’t buy that kind of knowledge… but if you work for Future Content, you can get paid for it.”

Jon Garrad

Future Content writer

“I can work from home for a company that pays a fair price for the content that I produce, and for people who are passionate about the work that they do and the people with whom they work.

‘Whether you’re an amateur writer looking to turn your writing skills into a career, or a professional writer looking for additional projects, Future Content is a great place to start.”

Emily Henley

Future Content writer

“I’m now in a great position when it comes to seeking further opportunities and, whatever happens, whether I land that dream job or not, I’ll always keep a close eye on Future Content because the workload is so flexible and well-paid.”

Chris Cahill

Future Content writer

“Freelancing for Future Content has fulfilled each point of my Magical Triangle of Enlightenment, Satisfaction and Unlimited Happiness(tm): I get paid, I get experience, and I enjoy the work.”

Chris Jordan

Future Content writer

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