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Are you a great writer? We want you.

We don’t care how much experience you’ve got, what your education is or even what your name is, really (joke, we care what your name is). But what we care about most is your ability.

Whether you’re a lovely human or a mercenary bastard just in it for the money, we don’t care. If you can write great copy, on time, every time, let’s talk.

This is how it works.


1. Get in touch

2. We'll send you a test brief


3. Get writing

4. Make money

5. Go shopping


It really is that easy.

So, get in touch using that ugly-ass box at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you with more details.

Meet some writers

Sam Fraser

Sam Fraser

Sadly, Sam is no longer with us. He went and got a job as a writer, thanks in part to Future Content. Here’s his story.

Jon Garrad

Jon Garrad

Jon has been with us for bloody ages, both as a writer and now editor. Read his story here.

Chris Cahill

Chris Cahill

Chris has been writing for us since August 2013. Read his case study

Emily Knight

Emily Knight

A specialist food writer, Emily’s been writing for us since June 2014. Read her case study

Wanna write with us?

“I’m now in a great position when it comes to seeking further opportunities and, whatever happens, whether I land that dream job or not, I’ll always keep a close eye on Future Content because the workload is so flexible and well-paid.”

Chris Cahill

Future Content writer

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