Hello again folks/peeps/ladies and gentleman (delete as applicable). Welcome to another fun/dismal/laboured/joyous (delete as applicable) episode of the Future Content industry round-up. We’ll be getting onto tech talk, social media and content marketing soon, but what’s been going on in the wider world of late? Well, Tuesday (Jan 20) was officially Democracy Day; the 750th anniversary of the De Montfort Parliament. This was an important milestone in English democracy as it was the first time burgesses from each of the boroughs had been represented in parliament, not just barons, knights and nobs (that the abbreviated term for noblemen right?)

Now of course, any old Tom, Dick or Harry (or Jane, since 1918 of course) gets a vote. Not that we bother, because, who gives a shuddering shit right? We get the choice between an entitled plastic android, an Aardman plasticine model and that other one. And UKIP, the real people’s party. ”You’re all slightly unnerved by foreigners aren’t you? Good, now who wants a beer?”. But, according to Russell Brand (our new spiritual, moral and political compass), they all do the same thing. Never mind the fact that blood, sweat and tears were shed fighting for a voice in the first place, let’s sack it all off and, fingers crossed, something better will come along.


Ballot boxing: The queue for the voting booths used to be way worse in the 13th-century

It’s easy to diss democracy, but we should be thankful that we have it. Communities across the globe are still fighting for something that we take for granted. Not voting is like scrimping and saving all your life for a Ferrari then leaving it in the garage cos you’re too busy playing computer games. Anyway, let’s get off our soapbox and look at the one-man dictatorship that is the Future Content industry round-up.


A big old bunch of wow emanated from Microsoft’s tinker-shed this week, the Hololens. If you haven’t seen it in action already then you should. It’s essentially an augmented reality helmet which turns the real world into an interactive pixel fest (pretty sure that’s how it’s advertised).


In theory, it’s about breaking down the walls between computer and real world. In practice, it aims to make wearing a helmet and flailing your arms about in the middle of the office the norm. We’re hoping that some of the keyboard shortcuts you use currently are translated too. Smacking your face on the desk should be the equivalent of Ctrl+Alt+Del for example. Perhaps a roly poly instead of F5.


The announcement came as part of the wider launch of their new operating system, Windows 10 (apparently Microsoft don’t believe in the number 9). It doesn’t seem that long ago since Microsoft unleashed the clunky Windows 8, what’s with the upgrade? Is it just another money-making exercise? Well, not specifically. The upgrade will be totally free because, as Quartz reveals, it has to be.

Social Media

Just how big is Facebook? According to this report on the global economic impact of Facebook by Deloitte (and facts), pretty flippin’ massive. Here’s a taste: Facebook’s existence created 4.5 million jobs and $225billion of economic activity in 2014.

A generation of millennials may have moved away from Facebook as a social media platform, but you can bet your bottom ass that they use Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary. Or they’re excited by the Oculus Rift, a Facebook owned company.

TofG 191

David or Goliath? Can any new social media platform really make a dent in the giants?

Last year saw the upstart Ello burst onto the social media scene in a big way, a lot of noise followed by, well, not quite as much noise. Its USP was that it wouldn’t advertise – the “anti-Facebook”, which was weirdly popular with marketers and advertisers. Now new service Dropon has appeared, it ‘gives a !@#$ about your privacy’.

It’s a tough market to break without doubt, but is this the year that a diddy startup breaks the monopoly of the big boys? That’s the subject of this piece by Kyle Vonelik on Social Media Today.

By the way, Google searches for Ello peaked and faded within the space of two months. And headlines like this suggest that the pretender is already dead in the water.

Content Marketing

We’re gonna use this space to just big ourselves up this week. Future Content has been publishing some great stuff for a while now but we never really toot our own horns. So here are three articles we love.

Go us!

That’s all for this week. Join us next time for fun, frolics and fings. Fanks.


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Houses of Parliament: By Adrian Pingstone (Self-photographed) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons