Consistency in marketing is all important.

Without consistency – in message as well as timing – it’s easy to lose momentum. Marketing is all about keeping your brand in front of people so that when a prospect is ready to become a customer, the name that pops into their head is the right one.

Digital has reduced the barrier to entry both creatively and economically, revolutionising marketing, making it easier, faster and cheaper to get your brand in people’s faces than ever before. The downside is that it’s easier for everyone, so the competition for attention is fiercer than ever. Couple that with dwindling attention spans (the average person gets distracted in eight seconds. HEY. OVER HERE) and consistent marketing execution becomes even more important.

So how can you make it easy to manage your marketing activity and keep the ball rolling? Here are my favourite productivity tools for keeping it all under control.

Tool number 1: Trello

Trello is possibly one of the best of the new breed of online collaboration tools to service the demand for virtual team-working. The user interface is simple and intuitive so everyone gets up and running quickly – people liken it to Solitaire.

Trello ‘cards’ are like editable Post-It notes that can hold text, photos, drawings and other objects and be slid around depending on their status. Calendar functionality is built-in so that you can set deadlines and arrange events all in one place.

Cards fit into an overall project management framework that you control, and team members can update everyone and see the status of the whole project very easily.

Tool number 2: Nozbe

A slightly different animal to Trello, although there’s quite a lot of overlap. While Trello is an organisational tool, Nozbe is a supercharged to-do list – perfect for managing tasks, particularly repetitive ones. Anyone who’s tried to use Google Calendar or most phone reminder apps to manage recurring tasks will appreciate how limited they are. Nozbe handles repeat tasks gracefully and can integrate with Google Calendar so you get the best of both worlds.

Nozbe has collaboration and project management tools like Trello, but doesn’t necessarily have to be used in that way. It also integrates with Google Drive (among other services), which leads us to tool number three.

Tool number 3: Google Docs

Google Docs makes collaboration on articles and other written content seamless. Anyone who’s emailed documents around using Track Changes will appreciate how well Google Docs handles multiple people editing a document. There are doubtless devout Microsoft Word-ites out there scoffing about the poor function set and lack of flexibility, but for simplicity and accessibility, Docs wins out.

It’s not just changes which are clearly and accessible, comments are clear and more actionable than the static Word option. Revision history is clearly presented too. It’s a relief to work with something so easy.

Tool number 4: Buffer

Again Buffer is a well-known tool, one of the many that have arisen to satisfy the need to manage social media posts in advance, in bulk and across platforms. Different tools come and go, but Buffer is consistently been held in great esteem.

It’s easy to use and as well as all the scheduling facilities, you can shuffle posts across platforms to prevent the same content being posted at the same time. And, like Google Docs, it’s clean, simple and accessible.

What are your favourites?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick roundup and find it helpful. If you have another tool that helps you with consistent marketing execution, why not tell me about it below?


Image credit:

CC 2.0Florian Richter via Flickr,

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