I was at a marketing conference yesterday. Digital Gaggle.

It was supposed to be about lead generation. But having been back over my notes (I’ve rewritten this intro five f***ing times) I’m afraid I don’t have any fresh ‘lead gen’ insights to share with you.

What I do have, however, are some shiny new video tools and tricks for making video part of your business’ inbound process.

‘By 2021, 82 percent of all consumer IP traffic will be video’, says Cisco

Like me, I’m sure you’ve heard stats like these and thought to yourself: I need some of that – before realising how expensive it would be to get the quality right. Especially compared to written content.

Enter ‘1:1’ – or ‘1:few’ video.

1:1 video can form part of your sales funnel and customer onboarding. Record it on your phone or computer, then send it to prospects via email or direct message.

For biz dev teams – especially those of you selling internationally – the added rapport and personalisation of a video could make for a real point of difference, compared to tired ‘Hey Alice, just wondering if…’ emails.

1:1 video also looks useful for customer onboarding, when getting clients up to speed with your tools and methods.

The tool I’m going to be trialing is Soapbox, a free Chrome plugin from Wistia. Find out more here.

Other useful video bits from strategist Phil Nottingham’s excellent talk:

  • Think of custom thumbnails for your videos as mini movie posters. If you do, you’ll see a 35% increase in views.
  • Key metrics for your videos are as follows:
    • For Youtube: channel views, suggested videos and YouTube search indicate how the site is promoting your video, and therefore the reach you’re likely to achieve. The other metrics are fairly meaningless.
    • For Facebook: ‘Completed view’ is all that matters. As Phil says: “the number of impressions is not the number of impressed people.”
    • For lead capture, check out Turnstile. (Also by Wistia). Add it to your longer videos – webinars or keynotes for example – and after a few minutes viewing, it will ask the viewer to enter their email to watch the rest.

Bonus lead generation tips and tricks

  • For lead nurture emails, add the recipient’s name to the subject line. It does wonders for open rates. Adding ‘P.S. if you’d like to just book a call…’ at the end of your message is also proven to generate a high number of responses. (Although no numbers, I’m afraid.)
  • Upload your email list to Google AdWords to generate lookalike audiences for PPC campaigns.
  • Link to an example of your newsletter on your signup forms – as Channel 4 do – to improve credibility.
  • Make sure the testimonials you have on a given page map to each of your customer personas. Simple and obvious, but rarely done.

And finally, the best slide of the day:

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