It’s that most wonderful time of the year again. No, not Christmas, obviously. It’s the 2018 Future Content Content Awards 2018, the ceremony with the worst name in history.

These prestigious awards have been going since 2017 – 12 months in actual time, but approximately 3,264 internet years – so we’ve had a lot to research and assess. But what we’ve assembled is everything you need to know about the last year in one snackable email.

Disagree with anything? Write your complaint on a piece of paper and throw it in the bin.


Meme of the Year – American Chopper Argument

Meme of the Year

Probably the most important award, and the toughest to judge. Memes come and go faster than you can say ‘yodelling Walmart kid’. Last year we saw Big Shaq deservedly take the top spot. This year, the winner was less clear. Contentious decision? Perhaps. But for sheer ubiquity, the American Chopper Argument takes the no.1 spot.

Best use of social – Mike Winnet (LinkedIn)

Best use of social

The ‘UK’s number one demotivational speaker’ takes regular and hilarious swipes at the LinkedIn try-hards with brilliant results. The posts are great, and even funnier to see the reams of comments underneath not understanding the difference between satire and reality.

Best marketing campaign – Card Against Humanity

Best marketing campaign

Totally on brand, this ridiculous Black Friday campaign offered a range of…items – from a 19th Century Butter Churn to a Fist-Sized Emerald – for 99% off their RRP. There were Black Friday Deals, and then there was this. All-Inclusive Ten-Day Vacation for 2 to Antarctica for $180? Why not? Could also be the worst marketing campaign tbh, there’s no way they made any cash from this!

Costliest Tweet – Kylie Jenner and Snapchat ​

Costliest Tweet

In the space of 88 characters, Kylie Jenner wiped $1.3 billion off Snap’s market value. Whoops doesn’t really cover it.

SPECIAL MENTION: Elon Musk’s tweet wiping 7% off Tesla’s share value and sparking a criminal probe by the DOJ.

Best brand insult – Genital

Best brand insult

When you find a way to call a customer a dick and get away with it.

ACTUAL word of the year – Yanni

Watch video

The Oxford Dictionary recently named ‘toxic’ as its word of the year, but that’s clearly nonsense. It was obviously Yanni. Or was it Laurel?

Most insightful interview – Diego Maradona

Most insightful interview

A tough one, there have been some great interviews this year. But for sheer insight and eloquence, this just edged it.

SPECIAL MENTION: Quincy Jones giving precisely zero f*cks.

2018 Marketing in a meme

2018 Marketing in a meme

Best newsletter – PopBitch/The Hustle 

Best newsletter
Best newsletter

Two winners! US-based The Hustle is crammed full of tech, financial and political news (not to mention excellent gif-manship), whereas Popbitch is fully crammed with oh-so-British celeb gossip, from Mel B to Noel Edmonds. The common denominator? They’re fun, tongue-in-cheek and brilliantly written. Awards all round!

Tone deaf social campaign of the year – Snapchat: Would you rather!

Tone deaf social campaign of the year

Domestic violence lols. The question put forward by this Snapchat ad: ‘Would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown?’ Just awful. And I know this isn’t the worst thing about this by a long shot, but the exclamation mark at the end of a question is unforgivable.

Giant animal of the year – That one big cow

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Didn’t think this award would make a comeback to be honest, but it seems there’s at least one animal a year that gets people talking so here we are. Last year’s title was taken by that enormous Chinese rooster. This year, the chunk of a bovine known as ‘Knickers’.

Elon Musk doing Elon Musk things of the year – *hits blunt*

Elon Musk doing Elon Musk things of the year

Last year, meta-human Musk was ziplining his way to this (incredibly specific) award. How to  top that in 2018? How about hitting a blunt on a popular podcast and memeing his way into the nation’s hearts once more.

That’s it for this year. Congratulations to ALL the winners. We’ll get some sort of trophy out to you at some point I’m sure.