You may know already, you may not, but next Friday (14th) is my last day at Future Content. So, it’s about time I wrote my mushy, gushing farewell post.

It’s been a remarkable six years for me in the content hot seat. I came on board with journalistic experience – I knew what made a great article and had some creative ideas. But my understanding of marketing was rudimentary at best.

Six years on, I can safely say that I’ve picked up an incredible amount of know-how. It’s thanks, in part, to our brilliant clients. Every single one of them, past and present, has expanded my knowledge, has pushed me into new, exciting industries, and has inspired me to improve. 

Future Content is set up to do meaningful work for our clients. And when you measure your success on clients’ success, you want the best for them. That means looking for innovative and more effective approaches to marketing, which in turn means continuous learning and challenging yourself to be better. 

Aside from the learning, I’ve made some fantastic friends along the way too. Working so closely with people for such a long time cements relationships that go beyond work – and it’s been a joy to meet such inspiring characters along the way. For them, this isn’t a goodbye, but more ‘see you down the pub’.

Special thanks, of course, have to go to Tom for giving me the opportunity in the first place. Anyone who’s met Tom will know what a warm, open, genuine person he is, and working with him day in day out has been really special. What he’s done to build the business from scratch is nothing short of remarkable, and to work in such close proximity with him has helped me grow both in a professionally and personally. I can safely say that I’m a better human being than I was six years ago thanks to his guidance, inspiration and support. I can’t thank him enough for everything.

Huge thanks as well to Marc and Callum for their ideas, their drive, their dedication to the cause and, of course, friendship. I’ll miss the road trips with Marc particularly, listening to his awful Spotify playlists while talking about life, the universe and everything. I’ll miss those little moments as much as I will the big successes.

And to all the writers, creatives and agencies I’ve worked with over the years. Hopefully, they’ve got as much out of working with me as I have with them.

It’s a bittersweet moment, of course – the last six years have been life-changing for me, and after being so involved in growing the business, it’s a tough decision to leave. But after moving to London in October, a new job in a London agency is the final piece in the puzzle.

I’m incredibly proud of all the work the team at FC has done so far, and I know that there’s plenty more to come from an agency I’m honoured to have worked for. With new recruits coming on board, I’m confident the next stage of Future Content will be a leap forward again.

Nothing more to say really other than thanks! For everything.

It’s been a fun ride, and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

– Stu