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We’ve been working with Bristol-based creative technologists Calvium since January 2016. Charlie Harman, marketing and operations manager, told us about her initial outsourcing fears, what it’s like working with us, and the results of the campaign so far.

Project Details

Client Calvium Date Started Jan 16 Status ongoing Skills Content strategy, Editorial planning, Blog Writing, Interviews See Blog App agency blog

Charlie joined Calvium in April 2014 with a background in digital marketing and a degree in film and journalism. As a firm believer in the power of content and her own writing chops, she naturally took on the content production herself. Soon, however, she found herself with no time to create work she was proud of, and needed an outlet. She explains:

“As my role progressed within Calvium and I started doing more of the strategic work, and less of the day to day tasks – it became clear something had to give. I distinctly remember management telling me that just because I was responsible for something, it didn’t mean I had to be the one doing it.

“For them, if my time was best spent elsewhere and I could prove the ROI, outsourcing was an option. We’re an SME so our budget isn’t infinite, so at that point in time it was about choosing which element of my marketing mix we could outsource that would provide the largest benefit.

“Choosing content wasn’t a difficult decision to make. Without good content there would be nothing to post on social media, nothing to send out in newsletters, nothing to point prospective clients to, no SEO for the website. Great content forms the foundation of all my other marketing outputs so I wanted it to be outstanding; something I couldn’t make happen with my limited time and split concentration.”

Time and money

As is often the case with content, two factors were in Charlie’s way: time and money. Outsourcing is a great way to ease the workload of producing regular, effective content, but it doesn’t come without pitfalls. So, how did Future Content help?

“Knowing our budget was limited, I feared agencies,” Charlie says, “so first of all I went down the freelancer route. I spoke to a couple of people on LinkedIn, but never really made any headway.

“In the end I decided the structure, security and process that agencies offer was worth paying for. This has absolutely paid off with Future Content. I was nervous about managing the outsourcing process; but from day one Future Content strode in, took the time to really get to know us and our company and got things up and running immediately, with easy-to-use processes, tools and methods.

“They are fantastic self-starters and have not only written us excellent content, but have organised the production of it with very little needed from me – which was, and is, brilliant.

“I was concerned about managing this and in my head I had half expected I would be the one setting editorial meetings and chasing things up – which I knew would initially add to my workload rather than decrease it. Having Future Content come in with a pre-defined process was a huge relief.

Lighten the load

Simply put, we aim to provide a platform for content creation within a business. We will happily manage a company’s blog output, but what we really try and do is create an ecosystem within the business which encourages all the staff to think about how content works for the business. It’s a team game, after all. Charlie says:

“It’s really lovely to see the clear enthusiasm you all have for us and our business. You’re willing us to succeed and wanting us to generate new leads, win new business etc. It’s not just a ‘pay us and we write’ relationship – there’s very much a duty of care there.

“That enthusiasm is infectious: we have worked on pieces recently where the whole team has chipped in willingly with ideas and insight. It’s not quite an editorial team just yet – there’s a way to go until everyone is writing regularly – but we’re certainly planning on becoming more systematic about getting ideas from people.

“We’re going to incorporate a ‘blog ideas’ section to our weekly team Monday meeting, and then get that team member to follow it through – read it, comment and sign off. We wouldn’t be having those conversations internally without having engaged with Future Content.”

The results

“We’ve had leads directly off the back of the content,” Charlie enthuses. “An agency we’re talking to now read our post about React Native, and got in touch straight away.”

“It’s just been wonderful having an arsenal of content that I know is well written, engaging and most importantly, of value to our clients and prospects… and everyone for that matter! We’ve had lots of comments from friends and colleagues about blogs they have read on our site, as well as recognition in the form of an industry magazine publishing us and sharing our stuff via social.”

The bottom line

We’ll leave the last word to Charlie: “I would have no hesitation in recommending Future Content to anyone looking to give their content marketing strategy a serious boost.

“It’s been wonderful working with you – we’re all really pleased with the content and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

If you want to turn your business into a content creating machine like Calvium, you’ll love our content accelerator. Find out more here. Alternatively, if you want to talk content in person, get in touch below and we’ll give you a call back.

"It’s been wonderful having an arsenal of content that I know is well written, engaging and most importantly, of value to our clients and prospects… and everyone for that matter!

“We’ve had recognition from friends, colleagues and industry magazines and direct leads off the back of the content.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Future Content to anyone looking to give their content marketing strategy a serious boost."

Charlie Harman

Marketing and operations manager, Calvium

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