This Friday (15th Sept), we’ll be heading down to the South Coast for Brighton SEO, the UK’s largest one-day search marketing conference. The biannual fest brings together some of the best speakers from the world of search, and a hell of a crowd. Having missed the last two, we’re looking forward to getting our ears and eyes round a bunch of great insights (and our mouths round some delicious booze at the after party).

In preparation, we cast our minds back to our last visit, and pull out the best talks we saw all the way back in April 2016.

1. Nathalie Nahai – Creating Persuasive Content

Where better than to start than with the keynote from April 2016, web psychologist Nathalie Nahai? Funny, insightful and direct, Nahai tells us how to create persuasive content using psychology. This is an evergreen piece which I go back to time and time again. Brilliant stuff.

2. Conor McNichols – The Hybrid: Lessons from publishing that won’t destroy time and space

Ex-NME and Top Gear Magazine Editor (but don’t hold that against him), Conor McNichols was CEO of digital marketing agency, AllTogetherNow when he delivered this brilliant talk on the effect of the new digital space on content creation and the limitations of established business models. It’s a dilemma that still holds true today: how can brands best publish content that matters when they’re not set up structurally to do so?

3. Jon Earnshaw – How to Fix any SEO Problem

Ignore the clickbaity title from Pi Datametrics CTO, Jon Earnshaw – he’s not gonna sort out all your SEO issues in 21 minutes – but what he does do is deliver tangible, actionable advice using real world SEO scenarios from his time working with Waterstones. Technical but accessible to us laypeople.

4. Greg Gifford – Marketing to Local Customers

Greg has a mouth like an AK47, peppering top notch insights into the crowd indiscriminately from his time working for a leading website provider for US car dealerships. Features the best slides we saw at the event, including film references aplenty, plus brilliant insights on how to ramp up your local SEO.

5. Amy Merrill – Debunking the Content = Links Fallacy

SEO and Link Strategist at Page One Power, Amy Merrill delivers a straightforward yet often needed call-to-arms for businesses to make the most out of the content they’re producing. She bangs the drum for purpose-driven content creation and PR-influenced outreach techniques to help businesses make the most of their marketing budgets.

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