Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience

Hours: 20-25 hours per week, with core hours

Our Company

Future Content is the experts’ agency. That means we’re a B2B content marketing team that develops and executes content strategies for companies that sell expertise. We market other agencies, B2B SaaS products and consultancies, in the main.

Based on King Street, Bristol, we’ve been at this for over 7 years and, while you may not have heard of our clients, you’ll be amazed at what they can do. These guys have developed deep expertise, got qualifications coming out of their ears and the work they do shapes their sector.

Your Role

Our clients rely on us to create, publish and promote content that does justice to their hard-won expertise. To do this, we employ best-in-class editors and writers to craft industry-leading content. They need your help.

For every article, there are briefs to create, interviews to host, designers to contract and clients to consult. There are a lot of moving parts, and we need you to help us refine our process, take control of the work and support our editorial team.

Your goal is to ensure that Future Content’s editorial process is a well-oiled machine; no deadlines missed, no balls dropped. Achieve this, and our clients, creative and company can thrive. This is a key role at the heart of our business.


At Future Content, we work at high intensity and to a high standard. That’s why we believe in the need for work-life balance. We think you can do your best work and have a great life at the same time.

So, in addition to everything you’d expect from agency life, including a competitive pension and childcare vouchers, we’ll make it possible for you to do your best work with the following.

  • Location:  We’re a fully remote agency with an office. Why? Because we believe in flexibility. So whether you prefer to work at home, or in an office, or a mix of the two, we’ve got you covered.
  • Flexibility:  What matters to us is the work is delivered to a high standard, on time, every time. One of our core values is to ‘take ownership’; another is ‘value time’. We have core hours of 10-2, but, if you need to pick up your children from school or run an errand, go right ahead.
  • Holiday:  We offer 35 days’ holiday per year pro-rata. Why so much? We’ve worked out that when you work as intensely as we do, a holiday per quarter keeps the pace and quality up. If it works for us, it’ll work for you, too.
  • Development:  Another of our core values is ‘better than yesterday’, which means we’re very focused on personal development. You’ll get a lot of learning on the job, but we’ll also support you to develop your professional interests with training.


Not everyone can be an editorial administrator. The role requires an eye for detail, excellent organisation and confidence and determination when problems arise.

To be considered for this role, we’ll look for a mix of the following:

  • Experience:  We’re looking for individuals with agency experience – 3 years or more ideally – which we want you to use to improve our processes. Been a traffic manager or project manager in the past? Then we’d love to hear from you.
  • Character:  This is neither a creative nor a client-facing role. You’ll be in the engine room, keeping everything ticking along, taking pride in hitting deadlines and meeting budgets. You’ll need to keep a close eye on those creatives and their time management, being comfortable with making them uncomfortable (on occasion).
  • Education:  A degree would be useful but not essential for this role. You will need to be very comfortable using digital tools like Trello and Google Drive, and have excellent written communication skills.


As Editorial Manager, you’ll be responsible for planning, overseeing and budgeting for client editorial services. We’ve paired the role with an Editor (to manage the creative) and an Account Manager (to handle the client).  That means that you’ll be responsible for:

  • Taking ownership of the editorial process by allocating briefs to writers and designers, setting deadlines and holding people to account.
  • Improving the editorial process, helping us deliver better content, with less stress, earlier and on budget.
  • Organising clients, editors, writers and designers. You’ll make sure that we’ve got capacity, are doing the urgent stuff first, and are maintaining our flow of creative, business-building ideas for clients.


We’re keen to be an equal opportunity employer and encourage people from under-represented groups to apply.

We believe this would be a great role for a parent looking to return to work in agency land, but doesn’t want to or can’t pull all-nighters and attend last minute client meetings.

We’re looking to offer the role to the right candidates by the end of April. If you’re interested, don’t wait!

Ready? Send your questions, CV and cover letter to